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Accessibility Planning, Design and Solutions

Kevin M. Duguay has over 20 years of Accessibility Planning experience. He has helped over 40 Ontario communities and several provincial, regional and local organizations arrive at innovative and practical solutions meeting a diverse range of accessibility issues.

For more information, you can view our Accessibility Flyer here.
Contact Kevin to discuss your Accessibility Planning needs.

Barrier free ramp Accessible Building Solutions
Cost-effective, practical and sustainable "accessible building solutions" are needed throughout all facets of the province, both public and private sectors.

The company has delivered a range of such solutions for varied building types, settings and conditions. We can help you address building renovations-upgrades to provide for accessibility.

Designated Parking Spaces Site & Building Audits
The AODA (2005 Provincial Legislation) compels both public and private sectors to move towards accessible sites and buildings. We conduct site-building audits for both public and private sectors. Included in our audit program is opportunity for staff/volunteer training, product catalogue development and accessibility design guidelines.

Older Downtown intersection Annual Access Plans
Kevin M. Duguay prepared the 2003/04 and 2005 City of Peterborough Access Plans. Additionally, Kevin has helped over 40 communities and several provincial organizations develop their annual Access Plans (as required by current Provincial Legislation).

Plans can be prepared on long term or on an annualized basis.

Urban Sidewalk Detail Accessibility Design Guidelines
Kevin M. Duguay was the City of Peterborough staff member responsible for the preparation and publication of the 1992, 1995 and 2002 City of Peterborough Access Guidelines. This responsibility included community workshops and education, research, presentations and a thorough understanding of alternate document formats.

Housing project designated parking spaces Residential Design and Renovations
Kevin M. Duguay has contributed to both single and multiple occupancy residential building design, construction and renovation projects. He brings proven experience, leadership and effective alliances with professional firms to meet specific project needs.

We focus on providing professional and affordable solutions to meet your housing requirements.

workshop presentation Workshops
Kevin M. Duguay has led countless Accessibility training events and workshops for both public and private sector interests. The range of topics has been diverse, including:
  • Customer service
  • Site- building audit programs
  • Advisory Committee structure, roles, responsibilities
  • Accessibility Planning
  • Preparing Annual Access Plans
large group presentation Presentations- Seminars
Kevin is regularly called upon to conduct presentations and seminars for a variety of organizations, associations and businesses. Recent endeavours include:
  • Parks and Recreation of Ontario
  • Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce
  • University of Waterloo- Planning School
  • Design Exchange
Please contact Kevin to discuss your event requirements.

audit of a retail store Commercial Building Audits- Solutions
Accessibility is law. It must be provided, and not just limited to a few parking spaces and automatic doors The company conducts commercial building audits and provides practical and cost-effective solutions in response to the current and evolving Provincial accessibility legislative requirements.

This service encompasses the full range of commercial buildings, including:
  • Shopping centres
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, resorts, conference and convention facilities
  • Health - fitness clubs
Kevin M. Duguay conducting a building audit Staff Training- Education and Customer Service Programs
The company conducts staff (and volunteers) training - education and customer service programs to help both public and private sector interests respond to provincial accessibility legislation.

The training program can be delivered directly from the work site.